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Project Management Fundamentals & Best Practices

Downloadable Training Materials

This training deck has been used to teach thousands of Project Management professionals.

These project management training slides are based on the Project Management Institutes Body of Knowledge (PMBOK). Included in this package are free project management templates used for class exercises. These are electronic materials; no items will be shipped. You will receive the following digital download:

  • Over 250 colorful infographic PowerPoint slides with notes

  • 13 classroom exercises that allow students to practice what was learnt

  • Templates for the exercises

  • You can print in greyscale to save on printing costs


Course duration - 4 days

Upon completion of this course, the students will be able to:

  • Explain project management fundamentals

  • Define a project lifecycle

  • Explain the triple constraints of project management

  • Explain the nine project management knowledge areas based on the PMBOK

  • Explain how a project is initiated

  • Create a project charter

  • Identify project stakeholders

  • Create a project Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)

  • Explain activity dependencies (finish to start, finish to finish, start to start and start to finish)

  • Create a network diagram and calculate critical path, float, slack and project duration

  • Fast track and crash a project

  • Create a risk assignment matrix

  • Create a resource calendar

  • Define project constraints and risks

  • Explain team development stages

  • Describe conflict management approaches

  • Manage teams virtually and those that are co-located

  • Utilize the five cost estimating techniques

  • Create a project budget

  • Determine the status of a project via Earned Value Management (EVM)

  • Run meetings effectively

  • Create a project status report

  • Describe the six categories of risk and sources of risk

  • Explain the four types of risk tolerance

  • Identify project risks and rank them in a probability and impact matrix

  • Explain how to respond to both positive and negative risks

  • Describe the role of a project manager in procurement

  • Perform make or buy analysis via decision trees

  • Perform quality planning, quality assurance and quality control

  • Create a fishbone diagram

  • Manage project changes

  • Perform project closeout, contract closeout and administrative closeout



The course is created to teach the participant how to initiate a project, plan all the activities of the project, execute, monitor and close any project while utilizing the nine project management knowledge areas.

  • Project Management Foundations

  • Scope Management

  • Time Management

  • Human Resources Management

  • Communications Management

  • Cost Management

  • Risk Management

  • Procurement Management

  • Quality Management

  • Managing Project Changes and Integration

  • Project Closing


13 Class Exercises - these come with instructions and templates

  • Create a project concept

  • Develop a business case for the project

  • Identify project stakeholders and perform stakeholder analysis

  • Create the project WBS

  • Define and sequence activities

  • Estimate project duration via Critical Path Method

  • Identify resource requirements

  • Create a resource assignment and commitment matrix

  • Calculate project budget

  • Create the communications management plan

  • Create a project status report

  • Assess and document project risk

  • Document the risk response strategy for the project

Complimentary sample

Download the risk management lesson to see a sample of our slides.


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We will also be happy to answer any questions you may have if you are deciding to make a purchase. 

If the materials are updated after your purchase you will  receive all updated training materials free of charge.

License Policy

By purchasing this product, you are allowed to modify/customize the materials for your clients. You are allowed to use these materials to teach multiple classes. You are NOT allowed to resell these slides and templates online or anywhere else.

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Our Story

The training materials were developed by a PMP certified professional. These materials are based on the PMI PMBOK. Thousands of Project Managers have improved their project management skills as a result of this course.

What I enjoyed the most was learning how to determine project scope and real- life project examples used in class.

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